90 Days to a New Life Day 1 – The Horrific “Before” Pics

Letting Go

Day 1 - letting goToday’s resistance at least has some justification. I committed to posting my awful “before” pics as a dreadful reminder of WHY exactly I’m doing this – at least, the weight loss part – in case I’m ever tempted to think “it’s not really THAT bad”.

Yes it is!

The full horror and my starting stats are at the end of the post, but for total transparency let me tell you exactly what I’m intending as my outcomes for the 90 days.

  • Lose 18.5 lbs to be a comfortable, toned EU size 42 (UK size 14) by eating whole foods I love and doing exercise I really enjoy. My eating plan includes a green smoothie every day, loads of vegetables and whole grains, fruit and a small amount of chicken, fish and dairy
  • Blog every day about my journey, and twice a week write a longer, more thoughtful and hopefully valuable post around my core message, which in its most basic form is that
    It’s never too late to become who you really are but the best time to start is now! I want to get that message – the WHAT and the HOW – out to as many women as possible, especially those who like me are at midlife or beyond and are starting to believe they’re running out of time
  • Establish a strong, effective morning routine around journalling, meditating and reading to set me up for a powerful day
  • Complete my dental treatment (more about that later)
  • Hold a one-hour conversation entirely in Hebrew (more about that later too!), which means studying and practising for 20 – 30 mins every day

Those are the “Whats” but even more important are the “Whys”, and there is a strong one behind each outcome. I’ll get a lot deeper into those and how I dug them out of my psyche as we go forwards, because for many years I didn’t HAVE a “Why”. I thought “it would be nice if …” and “I wish I could …”, but I was never really motivated to DO anything about most of my dreams. Some of them just fell into my lap; my sister says I could fall into a pile of shit and come up smelling of roses, and sometimes it did seem that way as I had a great lifestyle without really working very much at all.

But I only ever allowed myself to receive just enough to be reasonably comfortable, to live month to month quite happily but not have anything left over. I never pushed myself into my zone of genius, never committed 100% to anything, never put myself on the line. And my life so far has reflected exactly that. It’s been “just enough” – and now it’s not enough anymore.

The Ugly Figures

(and I’m not just talking about the photos)

Weight: 13st 11.5 lbs (193.5 pounds, 88kg)
Under bust: 37″ (89cm)
Bust: 41″ (99cm)
Waist: 38″ (91cm)
Stomach (at navel): 45″ (108cm)
Hips: 45″ (108cm)

They really do speak for themselves, don’t they? My waist and stomach are both larger than my bust and my waist is waaaay over the healthy limit of 32″. I don’t look that bad full on, but when I turn sideways …. well, see for yourself
before pic 1before pic 2

Sorry about that, let’s finish with something cute 🙂

cute kitten

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