90 Days to a New Life Day 2 – Masquerade

Morning Routine v1

masqueradeDay 1 went better than I’d hoped and the scales showed … well, you’ll see 🙂

I know I’ll probably tweak my morning routine over the next few weeks but I had to start with something. So I made a cup of lemon in hot water to start the day and a cafetière of coffee to follow. My sister sent me a beautiful bone china cup and it magically arrived from the UK unbroken and unchipped so that’s what I drink my morning lemon water from while I’m journalling. The coffee – black and strong – I drink from a lovely Versace white and gold china mug that my sister’s late partner gave me.

Afterwards I read for about 15 mins – I was part-way through Kat Loterzo’s Multi-Passionate Woman so I continued with that and found myself journalling some more as she sparked some new ideas.

Then I did a short – about 10 minute – meditation and visualisation, just to get connected and aligned. And then it was breakfast time, because Tuesday is my “giving back to the community” day and I had to get ready to leave soon. I had oats (just regular white oats because I couldn’t get my usual oatmeal) with almond milk, and remembered to grab some nuts to take with me to snack on, instead of the cake that’s always served at this particular place. I volunteer to run the programme at a local social club for (mainly retired) English speakers and it’s a lovely couple of hours when I get to boss people around and they can’t complain! And I didn’t eat any cake!

Lunch was a green smoothie: my usual recipe is a frozen banana, 2 chopped apples, 2 small chopped cucumbers, a couple of handfuls of spinach, flaxseeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds and chopped nuts, blended with cold water. I can feel my body sucking in the goodness! I don’t know why I stopped doing them, I loved them and I always feel better when I have them. Sheer laziness, probably.

I did find myself resisting writing that first blog post; it eventually went up about 10pm my time! But I did it, and I’ve kept to my commitment of one post a day all week.

The Miracle Behind the Mask

I also did a Hebrew lesson in the evening and learned how to talk about wearing a Purim costume (“masquerading”). It’s one of those words that are almost impossible to say unless you’re born to the language and that exist only to make non-native speakers feel bad, I’m sure! “Ani mit-chapeset” and the “ch” is the guttural sound at the end of “loch“. Another one of my non-favourite words is “choref”, which means “winter”. That same guttural sound but now followed by an “r” rolled at the back of the throat, the infamous “resh”, to ensure you really sound like a coughing, spluttering fool.

Actually it’s a beautiful, spare language – nothing like as large a vocabulary as English or with as many irregular verbs. The secret to learning any language I think is to be able to hear and reproduce the music in it, the soul of the language. Once you’ve found that, the rest follows much more easily and naturally. I wonder if that’s how children learn – first the sounds, then the meaning?

I was never quite sure why we dress up on Purim. Whereas in the UK it’s really for kids, in Israel pretty much everyone does it and there’s always a choice of parties to go to. So I looked it up; the main reason for the masquerade apparently is that the Purim miracle is hidden or disguised within seemingly natural events and we only realise afterwards what’s really been going on.

What a lovely metaphor for the miracles that are all around us, disguised sometimes as problems or challenges, depending on how we look at them. And paradoxically the real miracle happens when we take off our masks and show up as our true selves.

Evening Routine and Day 1 result

In the evening I ran through a simpler ritual, starting with 5 things I appreciate, then checking-in on what I’d accomplished, what I want to do differently in the future, how aligned I felt and my over self-assessment of the day.

This morning I got on the scales and was delighted to see them register a 2.5lb (1kg) loss! That was my goal for the week and I’d achieved it in the first day. I know, water loss and all that, but whatever it was it came off without my feeling at all deprived or even hungry at any point. An eating plan I feel I can stick with.

So – I’m excited to have got through the first day without tripping up 🙂 The rest is going to be a doddle, right?

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