90 Days to a New Life Intro – How bloody ironic is that?

Pot, meet Kettle

pot, meet kettle

All day, I’ve been resisting writing a post about … yep you guessed it …. resistance! It wasn’t until I finally sat down to write at 8pm that I had my DUH! moment. Which at least shows I’m honest, if a trifle stupid. More than a trifle you might say, and I couldn’t really disagree.

After having my butt/ass/insert-your-own-body-part-here kicked nine ways to hell and back by the awesome-but-infuriating Kat Loterzo, I finally committed – no there needs to be more of a fanfare about it –
I   C O M M I T T E D, in actual joined-up writing, to making some serious changes to my life over the next 90 (ok, 92) days.

Specifically (and I will go into exquisitely painful detail over the next few days) to:

  • get back to an effective morning routine
  • lose weight
  • exercise regularly
  • become fluent in a new language
  • blog every day
  • and here’s where the soft, pliable substance meets the hard surface …

  • show up as my real, authentic (ugh, I’m sick of that word), transparent, unsanitised, non-photoshopped (actually no guarantees on that one), 63 year-old, overweight, lazy, procrastinating, resistant SELF

So of course I had to start by being resistant, right? Anything else wouldn’t have been authentic *cough*

There is a purpose behind all this of course, apart from being shit-scared of Kat. I have been known to do as little work as humanly possible in order to get by, so there’s no way I’d sign myself up for all this without a seriously good reason.

And that reason is pretty neatly summed-up in that last bullet point; I’m 63 and if I don’t step into the FULLNESS of who I really AM NOW – when do I think it’s going to happen? While I hold as maxims that “it’s never too late” and “we always may be what we might have been”, there’s no getting away from the knowing that the older we get, the less time we have to “be what we might have been”!

So … if not now, when? (and I’ve been saying that for far too many years too)

No, it’s never too late.

But – do it now, anyway!

Here’s how it’s going to work

she says, as if she has a friggin’ clue!

I’m going on a journey and I’d like to take you with me.

Every day – EVERY (gulp) day – I will post at least once on what I’ve done, what I intended to do and the results I’m getting. And I promise to be 100% truthful about what I REALLY did, even if it makes me look like an idiot or worse.

I WILL post a “before” pic and regular progress photos so you can see how I’m doing with the weight loss;
I WILL tell you if my morning routine works or if I have to tweak it or abandon it completely;
I WILL share my hilarious attempts at making myself understood in another language;
And I WILL share my lifestyle intentions with you and show you how I go about making them happen.

Feel free to comment, cheer me on, slap me when I’m being a wimp or share your own journey.


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