9 Ways to Choose Your Attitude & Change Your Life

Choose your attitude and empower yourself

It’s easy to blame someone else (i.e. him!) for how we feel, but that leaves us in the position of being dependent on someone else for our emotional state. He may well have acted in ways that hurt or upset you and it’s right to honour those feelings.

Ultimately though, we get to choose how we respond and taking responsibility for that empowers us to decide exactly how we want to feel. Sometimes though we need a bit of help in moving from a negative to a positive state and keeping our happystat above that 50% mark.

Here are 9 ways I’ve found to be the most helpful in changing my own state and raising my vibration.

1. Listening to uplifting music or audio tracks such as those from Abraham-Hicks, Wayne Dyer etc.

2. Physical movement, that could include going for a short walk, getting up and stretching, standing up straight and breathing deeply, standing in front of the mirror and smiling into our own eyes, or a full-scale workout.

3. Meditation or prayer. A few peaceful moments to connect with your Higher Self, God or Source and remember that you’re not alone.

4. Get outside in nature. Walk or drive somewhere beautiful and just breathe it in.

5. Bring some fun into your life, even to routine tasks. Approach them in a new way; hold your toothbrush in the “other” hand and giggle at yourself trying to clean your teeth!

6. Clear and declutter your inbox, your desk, a drawer or cupboard – having fewer things in your line of vision will bring a sense of peace.

7. Go somewhere different. Try a new place for lunch, treat yourself to afternoon tea in a hotel, take a different route home.

8. Get away from the Negative Nelllies and surround yourself with like-minded people. Join a group with people who are aiming to improve their relationship, not one that’s full of rants and complaints. Change the subject when friends talk about their partners behind their back.

9. Find things to appreciate in your life, your relationship and your man. Make a point of listing – actually writing down – 5 things about each every single day, and look them over regularly.

Have you used any of these, or do you have others that work especially well for you? I’d love to  hear from you in the comments <3

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