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Your Relationship Mentoring Program

kissing-coupleWe’re going to get started right away so that within less than 2 weeks you’ll feel and see a real difference in your relationship.

Using my unique 5 step Relationship Renewal process, specifically designed for strong, independent women like you, we’ll address each area of your relationship in turn, focusing on helping you move from feeling stressed, overwhelmed and undesired to being cherished, appreciated and supported.

Together we’ll put together a step-by-step sequence customized to your exact situation and needs, so that within less than 2 weeks you’ll feel and see a real difference in your relationship.

As a reminder, you’re going to receive …

    • 3 months of customized mentoring to help you over the immediate bumps in your relationship and ensure you build a solid foundation of intimacy and trust for the future;
    • One 45-minute private mentoring call a week for 12 weeks, to your landline or over Skype audio, where we go over what’s been working and where you need more help, role-play the conversations you want to have with your partner, practise your new relationship skills and celebrate your successes;
    • 3 months’ email support
    • Bonus 1: Two 15-minute flexi-sessions for when you need a little extra help;
    • Bonus 2: Bespoke checklists, action plans and scripts for your personal situation.

During our twelve sessions you’ll learn the strategies to transform your relationship so you can:

  • Keep the passion alive or restore the spark that’s gone out
  • Deepen your emotional connection with him and inspire him to open up
  • Stop the vicious cycle of bickering, arguing and withdrawal that’s driving you apart
  • Improve your communication; express your needs and desires in a way he can hear and that motivates him to want to fulfill them
  • Build up your self-esteem and self-confidence and feel stronger and more secure in your relationship
  • Get back the intimacy and closeness you felt when you first fell in love

What happens next

In order for you to get the most out of your program I will be customizing it especially for you.

Please complete and submit the contact details below so that we can send you your Welcome Pack and Contract. I’ll be contacting you for our calls via Skype audio, either to your land-line or your Skype account. It’s important that you feel you can talk freely during our sessions, so please provide as many options as possible of times when you’ll be able to take my calls in privacy. For continuity, the calls will be on the same day and at the same time each week, barring emergencies.

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